Our Testimonials

Testimonies of Laramina (Mina) Barnes-Lara

Mina is a solid individual that puts her heart and passion into all she does. I highly recommend Mina’s talent agency so that many individuals can benefit from all she has to offer. Mina has proven herself over and over to be of high standard and quality. She is an ethical worker that is devoted to helping others.

Mariano “Big Dawg” Mendoza
SAG-AFTRA member
MMA World Champion Fighter
Veteran and Stuntman


Laramina was there for us 24/7 for all our production needs on our comedy pilot “That 80’s” guy. She will be the perfect agent to represent Tucson and all of Arizona

Craig Fones SAG-AFTRA member

Personal Testimonies of Paul Loh

We are called the Ravenhearse Family Classic Haunt, and Paul is instrumental in helping the crew actually feel like a family. His kindness and professionalism bring the members together in a way that makes this place a wonderful work environment. He is a huge asset to any project he takes part in. I look forward to working with him on many future projects, as well as at the haunt.

Bill Delfs
Owner – Ravenhearse Family Classic Haunt
Tucson, Arizona


Paul cares. He treats you with respect, is always ready to share a laugh or commiserate, and he will go out of his way to help you or support you in any way he can. There is no ego with Paul. If he likes your work, he will not hesitate to let the world know. And that says a lot in this day and age, where all artists are fighting for promotional acerage on social media and honestly, if that were the only reason I had for liking the guy, I still would have written this foreword for him without hesitation.

Ryan Lieske
(Possessions 2014)
(Abed 2013)

Testimonies of Rachael Goddard

Rachael has a silent but fierce determination that made an impression that most other confident individuals rarely match. Rachael is kind, determined and original with the presence she brings to the table and will not disappoint.

Edgar Ybarra
Writer/Director Producciones
Tucson, Arizona


Over time I've found Rachel to be a hard-working young woman with an inquisitive mind, a kind soul, and a strong sense of justice. She researches things exhaustively and works hard to overcome every obstacle, even when it seems daunting and she’s not sure that it can be done. She is passionate about learning but not afraid to dive in and try to make a project work. She has a wonderfully creative mind, is a true artist and a fierce friend. I believe she has a bright future ahead of her.

Eric Schumacher