Questions and Answers

What will you do for me?

Third From The Right will negotiate contracts for the rendition of your professional services as an artist, or otherwise, in the fields of motion pictures, legitimate stage, radio broadcasting, television and other fields of entertainment.


How do I get started?

In order to begin your career in the entertainment industry, please contact our office to set up an evaluation and interview. If you have a professional 8 x 10 headshot, a resume and a link to your demo reel, please bring to the interview. If you do not have any of these things, we will direct you at your appointment.


What is the difference between a model/actor agency and a casting agency?

Talent agents submit their clients to casting directors to submit talent for their projects. A casting agency/casting director are the ones seeking talent for their projects. We will submit for all roles and all crew positions.


What type of models, actors and other entertainment professionals do you represent?

We represent all ethnicities, all genders, all body types and all minors older than the age of 13 for all film types with the exception of adult/pornographic entertainment.


Is everyone accepted into Third From The Right roster?

No, unfortunately. If the agency feels that we can find work for you as a paid professional, we will represent you and market you to potential clients. We evaluate everyone individually.


How much money can I make?

Rates vary from client to client. Each job may vary. Full details and a written contract will be sent to you before assignment.


Do you charge any fees?

We are a commissions-based agency. Any other fees will be to cover the expenses of the management of your artist profile; any services provided for printing, advertising, promotional services, taxes and administrative fees.


Where will I have to travel for work?

All jobs can be located anywhere in the United States and internationally.


Am I guaranteed work?

No. We submit recommendations to the client and they select who is best for the project. We can only suggest whom we feel might be the best candidate based on experience, photos and resume.


Is it okay to bring people with me to auditions?

If you are under 18 you must bring one parent or guardian with you. It is never professional to bring family or friends along.


Can I change my look?

If it does not match your headshots, it is not okay. You must be as closely resembling your headshot as possible. If a production requires you to change your look, you will be compensated by that by the production company and may have to take new headshots until you can resemble your original.


Can I gain employment with your agency if I already have a full-time career?

Absolutely yes, we have clients that do this full-time or part-time.


Do I have to be exclusive to Third From The Right?

Yes, for a period of one year. At that time, you may choose to remain with us or terminate your agreement by notifying us in writing by certified mail.