Meet Us

MinaLaramina Barnes-Lara - Owner/Agent

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Please, call me Mina. I’m a California native from Long Beach, California. I started my career in the film industry as an actress in 2000 and have worked with several well-known agencies such as Sandi Alessi Casting, Central Casting and the Robb Agency in Los Angeles, CA. During my career, I worked as an agent’s assistant which immensely honed my knowledge and network base. Although my journey into film began when I was scouted while singing in a club on Sunset Blvd, my first film was the Gristle (2000), followed by Jurassic Park 3 (2001) and then Artificial Intelligence (2001). Additionally, I have worked with some television shows such as sci-fi Firefly (2001) and Providence (2001-2002) as well as a few commercials.

I enjoy all genres of film but suspense and thrillers tickle my fancy the most. The same enjoyment is applied to music but alternative rock and R&B is my joy.

I am so elated about this new journey in my life to fulfill my lifelong dream to have our own agency. We strive to provide the best talent from New Mexico and Arizona. SWAG is here to represent SAG/AFTRA performers as well as non union performers in a safe, family style atmosphere.  We hope to hear from you!

KatKatrina Fristoe - Owner/Agent

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Welcome to South West Artist Group! Building relationships has always been my passion from youth. Being a military brat, you learn very quickly how to make new friends in the on-going relocation transitions. Also, having a life-time background in Business, Finance, and Human Resources means a life-time of building relationships so joining Mina at South West Artist Group was right at home in the entertainment industry as it is all about developing personal relationships with you.

I am married to an incredible humble man who has in his own rights many accolades in the martial arts world with 25 black belts and a professional career advocating for people with disabilities. We share wonderful family of 8 grandchildren, a wonderful malinois dog, Marley and friends from all over the world.

Do I act???, Oh heck no!!! I’m a servant at heart. I’m here to help you to find work in the area of your talents, dreams, and passion. So, what sets us apart from any other agent representing YOU? Simply said, YOU. We are very personal to each of you, knowing and understanding where you shine. That.... gets results.

Incredibly important to us, we are SAG-AFTRA affiliated  in Albuquerque, NM and in Tucson, AZ!  With these two franchises we could not be in better geographic locations to serve you.

What we do

   As a gateway agency, we assist local and worldwide talent to secure roles in film, television, commercials, voiceovers, industrials and stage.

   South West Artist Group hopes to foster a personal and professional relationship that will propel your professional career. 

   Welcome to the South West Artist Group family! 


   South West Artist Group provides the best professional and unique talent for all your entertainment needs.


    South West Artist Group brings talented people together to provide entertainment.  We dedicate ourselves to partner with our actors to build a diverse industry to include all individuals and cultures inclusive with the industry makers.  Our plan is to build a network of talent with care and trust.  Our culture is to provide our talent with the best opportunities in a friendly and professional approach. South West Artist Group invests in the future of our talent and the investment of our communities.  If you need it, we will provide it as your vision is our mission!